PVC for Cell Classification

Evaluation of PVC Powder Compound for Cell Classification

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July 9, 1998

Report Number: 109962-2  
CLIENT: JB Engineering & Code Consulting
  1661 Cardinal Drive
  Munster, IN 46321
  Attn: Julius Ballanco
SUBJECT: Evaluation of PVC Powder Compound for Cell Classification.
SAMPLE ID: One 10 lb bag of PVC powder was received from the client on 5/28/98. The sample was received in good condition.
PROCEDURE: The PVC powder was evaluated in accordance with the requirements of PVC 12454B from ASTM D 1784-98. This testing was subcontracted out to CRT Laboratories, Inc. in Orange, CA. No revisions to ths report will be allowed after 90 days of the report date.
TEST DATE: 6/20/98 - 7/7/98
RESULTS: The test data and results are on the following page.
CONCLUSION: Based on the results this compound meets the requirements for suffix A per ASTM D 1784. In addition, this compound revealed a final Cell Classification of 1-2-3-4-4-A. 
  (Exceeds Cell Classification 12454)
CERTIFICATION: The tests reported here were conducted under the continuous, direct supervision of SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc., Tulsa, OK.

Signed for the Company

Jeff Simmons
Dept. Manager/Product Evaluation


Physical Property


Cell Class

PVC Base Compound






Izod Impact (23ºC)

0.7 - 37.4


  (ft.-lb./inc. J/M)



Tensile Strength

6,776 - 46.7





Tensile Modulus

358,000 - 2,468





Deflection Temperature (Cº)











Chemical Resistance Results/Suffix
H2SO4 14 day immersion at 55ºC 0.01 (A)
Change in Weight  
  Decrease %  
Change in Flexural Yield Strength (acid exposed) 4.2 (A)
  Increase %  




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